The Oral Cancer Initiative brings thousands of qualified dentists, insurance providers, dental equipment providers, not for profit organizations, researchers, education institutions, and major corporations together to fight oral cancer.

Our public service announcements, the link with dentist’s profiles with appointment setting capability, plus our 800 number phone room go live soon.

We are not just an awareness campaign; we are directing people to dentists for screening and full dental care. Unfortunately, less than 20% of the dentists in the U.S. include oral cancer screening in a regular visit. All of our dentists do.


If you are a dentist that currently does screening and can make room for three or more new patients a month, please contact us for more information.


It’s not just tobacco use that can cause oral cancer !

Recently, it was discovered that the HPV virus causes about 70% of the oral cancers diagnosed. There are also some thoughts that nicotine in Vaping may be a concern. Recent research suggests nicotine may lead to a type of DNA damage that increases the risk of cancer.


Early detection with oral screening will save insurance companies millions of dollars in future treatment costs. Sadly, it is said that 25% of employees with dental coverage don’t use it.

If you are an insurance provider, please contact us. We have a great program for increasing your market share , improve your bottom line, and along the way you will be helping us save lives.


If you are “a consumer” looking for a dentist that has been trained in proper oral cancer screening with the latest equipment be sure to email us your contact information including zip code today. We will send you a link to our qualified dentist’s profiles in your area on or before our official launch date.


If your dentist does not do oral cancer screening, please have them contact us. We have a huge need for more dentists and will be glad to talk to them. Have them contact us and ask about our guaranteed three new patients a month program.


Email :

Dentists : dentists@oralcancerinitiative.com

Insurance and Corporate : companies@oralcancerinitaitive.com

Consumers : consumers@oralcancerinitiative.com